It’s a Wrap on 2018!

Wow! And what season it was! I was assigned with very best groups, so I am very grateful for this luck of the draw. (Sometimes I read scary TD stories on our private Facebook pages and I am intimidated by what MIGHT happen on the road) but this year, most everything was great!

It was also my first season leading tours for two outstanding Tour Operators and both experiences could not have been more positive. Happy guests makes for happy TOs and one very happy TD. Sign me up for that every year!

This in-between-tours season gives us a chance to recharge and reconnect with our TD friends as we go west to attend one of two of our industry conferences. I look  forward to seeing everyone there!

I wonder what wonderful schedule of tours I can expect to see in 2019? I have my sights set on Europe, so here’s to making this happen!


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